Finally an end to lockdown coming soon!   70% Vaccination Rates Health Regulation details:

We would like to advise the following Covid Safe measures we will have in place. Please note that these may be subject to change in accordance with Government and /or Health Advice Regulations. At this point in time, these measures relate to fully vaccinated adults (not including kids under 12).  These are the 70% vaccination mandatory requirements of us.  At Essence Images we are fully committed to keeping our clients safe.

We hope to see you soon and are so excited to be working again!


  • We respectfully request that if you or anyone in your family is feeling unwell, or showing symptoms such as a cough, fever, sneezing, runny nose, or temperature that you postpone your appointment.
  • We will extend the same courtesy to you, should either the photographer or makeup artist (if allowed) is feeling unwell.
  • There will be a maximum of 5 persons per family in the Studio at any one time.
  • These persons must be family members that reside in the same home.
  • A face mask will be worn by the photographer during all sessions, both in-studio and at outdoor locations.
  • Your makeup artist will be wearing a face mask in order to perform their duties. We trust that you will understand if we are unable to offer these services to you should the Govt or Health Regulations change.
  • If your Photography session is outdoors, Essence Images reserves the right to nominate the location to ensure that the session takes place in a low-traffic site for the safety of all concerned.
  • Up to 20 people in an outdoor location, at this stage, are permitted.
  • Before entering the Studio, you will be required to sign in using the QR Code on the Studio door. If for any reason you are unable, we will require manual registration.
  • Upon your arrival, you will also be required to show your vaccination status – as per govt regulations.
  • Upon entry to the premises please thoroughly sanitise your hands.
  • We request that you keep masks on unless it is your turn to be photographed.
  • Hand sanitiser will be available for you to use throughout the session.
  • We will have the Studio well ventilated – with doors and windows open during the session. We apologise in advance if conditions prove to be a little cool.
  • The photographer will keep socially distanced from you and your family (1.5m)
  • There will always be at least a 24 hour period between all Studio sessions.
  • All Studio, Changeroom, Bathroom, Backdrop surfaces, and Camera Equipment will be cleaned (as they are normally), AND also disinfected between all sessions.
  • All fabrics will be washed in disinfectant (and always have been) between sessions.
  • At this stage, studio props will not be on offer during our sessions.
  • Your images will be viewed online a week to 10 days after, preferably via a zoom session, to discuss any changes you might like to view in real-time.


Corporate Headshots – in Studio

See Portraits for details.

For more than one person per business (not related) we would require a 10min interval between persons so that the studio could be surface disinfected and sprayed.

Corporate Headshots: -on-site.

A well-ventilated dedicated room would be required.

Mask wearing would be appropriate for the photographer.

Interior Design /Architecture photography:  

I would be deemed as the visitor to the premises and mask-wearing would be appropriate for the photographer.

Product Photography:

Products would be dropped to the studio.  At this stage, due to the length of this type of shoot, the client would not be permitted to stay in Studio.

Event Photography

At this stage, these are not permitted.