Central Coast Architectural Photography 

                                                                                          Newcastle, The Hunter & Sydney

Architects :  Construction Companies  :  Hospitality

My aim is to capture architecture in both an intellectual, and an aesthetic sense. I wish to create images that celebrate the artistic design of the architect, and the craftmanship of the builders that erect these structures

I am drawn by the inspiration and amazing vision of those who dare to reimagine our urban landscape.

The sculptural forms, the visual textures, and the abstract nature that each building represents,  provides me with the scope to explore: abstracts, lines, geometric shapes /patterns, unusual angles, and then mix them with dramatic lighting.  Such lighting can prove a waiting game, but well worth it with rewards it delivers.

My passion for architectural photography was awakened early in my photography career and I’ve had many exhibitions over the years in this genre.

We enjoy a reputation as established leaders in Central Coast commercial photography.